Aqua wellness at the Liquid Sound pool

Feel the dream-like atmosphere at the Liquid Sound pool when the warm water touches you and music and light surround you. Aqua Wellness means to get introduced to the healing power of water. Treat yourself to this exclusive spa experience in the Liquid Sound pool at the Toskana Therme spa. Included are two treatmens for two people in our treatment area. For more information see below.

Package includes:

  • 2 nights of accommodation including breakfast 
  • Welcome bottle of local Meißen wine 
  • 1 free entry into Toskana Therme spa (4-hour-session including sauna and Liquid Sound pool)
  • Aqua Wellness session – approx. 100 min
  • Visit to the National Park centre with multi-vision show
  • Guest pass
Accommodation Main season  Low season
Hotel ***** 240,00 € 216,00 €
Hotel **** 210,00 € 184,00 €
Apartment ***** 194,00 € 184,00 €
Hotel *** 194,00 € 164,00 €
B & B 174,00 € 158,00 €
  • Prices per person occupying a double room 
  • Single rooms on request
  • Weekend supplement: 5,00 € per person and night, only applies to 4 and 5-star hotels
  • Main season: April to October; low season: November to March (except Christmas and New Year)
  • Booking code: WG 06

All Aqua Wellness sessions come with a introduction, personal advice and time to rest afterwards and are included in the 4 hour stay at the Toskana Therme spa. Appointments on request.

How the session works:
Provided with neck and knee support you will float in the warm salt water of the Liquid Sound pool. Your spine will relax and the flexibility of your joints will improve through the weightlessness of the water. Your Aqua-Wellness-therapist carries you on its hands. Gently and effortlessly, you will be swayed, carried, stretched and massaged. You will feel lighter, more flexible and deeply relaxed.

If you wish, you also can submerge yourself completely, in which case we would supply you with a nose clip. An dance-like experience in a three-dimensional space, surrounded by sound and gentle water, safely guided and supported. 

Please inform your therapist in advance about any potential health issues. Generally, Aqua
Wellness is suitable for all ages. But it is best to clarify any counter indications which would prevent you from a one-hour-stay in the warm thermal water. If you are unsure, please contact us in advance. 

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