Caspar David Friedrich way

Cultural walking path IN KRIPPEN

Caspar-David-Friedrich-WegStages of the Caspar-David-Friedrich-way:

  • General information about the painter
  • Elbe valley – view of the table mountain “Lilienstein” and surrounding area
  • Elbe valley – quarry theme 
  • Elbe valley – view to the “Teufelsturm” (Devil’s Tower) Rock
  • “Hangweg” Path – view across Elbe valley
  • “Hirschgrund” Gorge – rock themes 
  • “Kaiserkrone” ascent, rock theme 
  • “Wolfsberg” Hill – view across to Bohemia
  • “Püschelweg” Path – tree studies
  • “Püschelweg” Path – studies of the moon

Starts and finishes at the ferry stop in Krippen: take the Elbe cycling path until you reach the railway crossing (tunnel) – climb up to the “Hangweg” path along the slope – follow it to the “Hirschgrund” gorge – continue on towards Schöna – take the trail to the “Kaiserkrone” rock until you reach information board no. 7 (ascent to the Kaiserkrone is recommended) – return via Schöna and Reinhardtsdorf – follow the “Püschelweg” path through the woods down to Krippen.

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