European walking trail E3

The part of the trail leading through saxon switzerland

The Schmilka – Bad Gottleuba stretch, marked by a blue line on signage 
This trail is also known as the “Fernwanderweg Eisenach – Budapest” walking trail, which was inaugurated in 1986.

EB or E3 stations
Bad Gottleuba – Bahratal – Bielatal – Leupoldishain – Königstein fortress – Königstein – Lilienstein – spa town of Rathen – Bastei – Rathewalde – panoramic viewing point at Hohburkersdorf – Hohnstein – Brand – gorge Tiefer Grund – Sebnitz valley – Kirnitzsch valley – Ostrau – Schrammstein rocks – Schrammstein viewing platform – Schrammstein trail – mountain Großer Winterberg – Schmilka – Hernskretschen (border crossing point)
A very interesting but at times demanding tour. It leads the walker across the Elbe sandstone mountains and gives you a great overview of the typical landscape which continues in Bohemian Switzerland. If you walk it in two stages, it will be less of a drain on your energy. 

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