Bad Schandau is twinned with

Partnerstädte Bad Schandau

  Česká Kamenice           Überlingen                 Fichtenau                Gößweinstein

Funding project “Joined development of tourism Bad Schandau –  Česká Kamenice”

After long standing cooperation as twin towns, the councils of Bad Schandau and Česká Kamenice decided to further the development of tourism in Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland by working on a joined project. The aim is to introduce and enhance more cross-border touristic attractions in both region, starting in 2011 until 2013 (funding period). 

Aims of this project:

  • Development of a program with day-tours through Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland Entwicklung for German and Czech tourists
  • Introduction of trilingual pedestrian signage through Bad Schandau
  • Renovation of the tourist office at Bad Schandau station
  • Events at the “Elbe sandstone – Labské pískovce Bouldercups”
  • Promotion at German and Czech travel fairs 

This project was funded by the European Union. 

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