Climbing in Bad Schandau

Klettern am HeringsteinThe Elbe sandstone mountains are the birth place of free-climbing, which has an impressive history and tradition in the region. A sportsman from Bad Schandau conquered Falcon Rock (Falkenstein) 130 years ago and he remains an idol to many young climbers to this day. 

Climbing courses: Enjoy nature, test your limits and find new friends. Let experienced climbers be your guide to a romantic and rocky rock landscape. You will be trained in various basic movements on the rock, how to tie a rope and how to secure yourself. Enjoy the new feeling of moving vertically and be overwhelmed by the ascent to the top! 

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The Saxonian Climbers Association is part of the German Alpine Club. The association has smaller and bigger clubs as well  as individual climbers under its umbrella and is your local partner for all climbing activities in Saxon Switzerland. 
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