The Bad Schandau museum

The municipal museum of Bad Schandau provides you with an overview on local history of the town and the upper Elbe valley. Its permanent exhibition shows interesting details on the town’s history, the shipping history at the river Elbe, tourism and climbing.


Badallee 10
Tel.: (0049)3 50 22 / 4 21 73

Shipping history

Museum - Geschichte der SchifffahrtThe development of Bad Schandau is closely linked to the increase of industrial shipping along the River Elbe. Until the 19th Century, people pulled boats along on ropes with their bare hands from the river bank. When in 1837, the first steam paddler conquered the Elbe, the number of tourists visiting the valley rose sharply. The museum exhibits include tools for shipbuilding and the different models of ships at work on the Elbe. 

The first iron-rich spring was detected at the Kirnitzsch valley in 1680. But it took more than a hundred years to erect a public bath house at the spot in 1799. Modern hotels  followed.  Museum Innenraum Rudolf Sendig built a number of smart hotels in Bad Schandau and so contributed to the touristic development of the town, which quickly attracted international guests. You also will learn at the museum how and when Bad Schandau got its title as a spa town as well as other interesting facts and figures about tourism. 

Ausstellung zum BergsteigenBy 1850 active climbing in the Elbe Sandstone mountains had already begun. Early ascents employed tools such as ladders and steps, carved out of the rock. Such practices were cut out for the good of nature conservation from 1890. From that point on, only hooks and ropes where allowed to secure the climbers. More interesting facts covering more than 100 years of alpine history in Saxon Switzerland are revealed to the visitor at the museum in Bad Schandau.

Opening times:
May – October
Tuesday – Friday 2 pm – 5 pm
Saturday/Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
November – April
Tuesday – Sunday 2 pm – 5 pm
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Family ticket
3,00 €
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* guest pass, children, disabled people



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