State approved spa town 

Bad Schandau is the oldest spa town in Saxon Switzerland and the only one to have been granted the quality seal of Kneipp, a water treatment cure invented by the priest Sebastian Kneipp back in the 19th Century. Two rehabilitation clinics specialised in the treatment and cure of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system and various physiotherapeutic surgeries provide a high quality of care for our visitors. The Toskana Therme spa, with its Liquid Sound pool, our five-star-hotel Elbresidenz, with its „Viva Vital and Medical Spa”, beauty parlours and even an Ayurvedic centre offer a variety of beauty and health treatments.

Lichter im ParkNature also plays a big part in your relaxation. We offer different pools in which to tread water (Kneipp method) in Bad Schandau Park and its districts and 12 different local walking paths, amongst them one down which you are invited to walk barefooted, and a herb garden. 

Indications: Cardiac, circulatory and vascular diseases, complaints related to balance and mobility apparatus, gastrointestinal complaints, liver and bile, metabolic disease or general tiredness or weakness.