Spa town walking paths

 What is a ‘terrain cure’?

The traditional “terrain cure” is a specific walking program through our spa town. It consists of normal or dynamic walking (speed set according to fitness level of the individual) training of the entire body, and enjoyment of fresh air and the countryside around you. This cure will rebalance your vegetative functions: your heart and circulation will work more efficiently; your breathing will be stimulated; muscles, joints and ligaments will be strengthened. It also has a positive effect on your metabolism, activates your digestion and increases burning of calories. 

The “terrain cure” is specifically suited for patients with heart and circulatory diseases but is also a good preventative measure for healthy tourists. The local network of walking paths in and around the spa town of Bad Schandau offers three different levels of walks – depending on your fitness level.

 The “terrain cure” area

Bad Schandau is situated in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of Saxon Switzerland, directly on the northeastern bank of the River Elbe. Here, the tributaries Kirnitzsch and Lachsbach join the Elbe as well. The town (120 – 250 m above sea level) nestles in the middle of a 275 square-kilometre nature conservation area called Saxon Switzerland, which lies 38 km southeast of Dresden. Topographically, the region around Bad Schandau is marked by table mountains, plains, valleys and almost square-looking rock formations. “Special rock formations occur in particular in areas where the Elbe tributaries Biela, Kirnitzsch and Polenz form canyon-like valleys and gorges along the sandstone mountains” (MAERKER, PAULIG; Kleine Sächsische Landeskunde, 1993 ) .

Kneipp-Tretbecken im Kurpark

Typical of the “terrain cure” area are various high plateaus, which make good agricultural land thanks to its loess-rich soil. Given the geography of the area, your walks should lead you through different climatic surroundings: cool and shady in the woods and valleys; warm and sunny on the plateaus. The maximum height difference along the “terrain cure” walking paths ranges from 119m above sea level along the Elbe Valley to 375 metres at the “Hohe Liebe” Rock.

We are happy to provide you with more details of all 19 walking routes at the Bad Schandau tourism office. 

Walking map ,terrain cure’ paths