Tourism tax – Bad Schandau guest pass

Which benefits will you get from paying tourism tax (“Kurtaxe”) in Bad Schandau?

The council of Bad Schandau taxes tourists staying in Bad Schandau and its districts of Postelwitz, Krippen and Schmilka. Tourism tax is used to maintain and enhance the touristic infrastructure. 

On the list of things the tax contributes to are:

  • Maintenance of local parks and promenades 
  • Up-keep and further construction of walking paths
  • Maintenance of public toilets
  • Building of car parks and picnic areas for walkers
  • Fees for orchestras, artists and GEMA

In filling in the registration card (“Meldeschein”) you will be handed your guest pass and can enjoy benefits in Bad Schandau town and the region bordering to the north of it (Hintere Sächsischen Schweiz).

Free of charge:

  • Various brochures and flyers at the tourism office (“Haus des Gastes”)
  • Visits to local concerts and tea-dance and regular other local events
  • Visit to the town’s art gallery
  • Usage of therapeutic baths in different spas
  • Usage of the public toilet in Kirnitzsch valley – camping site “Ostrauer Mühle”

Tourism tax is calculated according to the length of your stay.

Rates are as follows:

  • 1,50 € per person/night from April to October
  • 1,00 € per person/night from November to March
  • Guests at our therapeutic clinics and sanatoriums pay 1 Euro/night all year round (children up to the age 16 are tourism tax-exempt) 

Articles of tourism tax