Stairway to heaven

The most beautiful climbing staircase in Saxon Switzerland 
This tour is aimed at the advanced walker, the reward the breathtaking views from the top. Some of the route requires the walker to be secured by a rope. We will introduce you to the safety measures before we set out. 

Package includes:

  • Climbing guide
  • Climbing gear  

Rates: 25,00 EUR per person per day 
Minimum number of participants: 4


  • Introduction to the program (aims, fitness of participants)
  • Important advice
  • Preparation to free climb (distribution of equipment, explanation of how to use it)
  • Arrival at climbing spot – general introduction to the region, its geology, nature conservation and local history)
  • Explanation of safety measures
  • Climb various wooden or metal staircases
  • Team-building exercise 
  • Return home, brief meeting and reflection on the day
  • Booking code: K 06
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