Walking in Bad Schandau

Walking tips 

Discover Saxon Switzerland with its 1200 km of marked walking trails, climb stunning views, book a guided tour with one of our National Park rangers or chose from other offers for active walkers. 

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If you want to plan your walking tour, these websites might be useful to find the right trail. 

Long distance trail E3

Teilabschnitt Schmilka – Bad Gottleuba, Markierung Blauer Strich
This walking trail was established in 1986 and links Eisenach (Germany) with Budapest (Hungary). Around Bad Schandau the trail is marked by a blue line and runs from Schmilka to Bad Gottleuba. 

EB or E3
stations on the long distance trail: Bad Gottleuba – Bahratal – Bielatal – Leupoldishain – Festung Königstein – Königstein – Lilienstein – Kurort Rathen – Bastei – Rathewalde – Hohburkersdorfer Rundblick – Hohnstein – Brand – Tiefer Grund – Sebnitztal – Kirnitzschtal – Ostrau – Schrammsteine – Schrammsteinaussicht – Schrammsteingratweg – Großer Winterberg – Schmilka – Hernskretschen (Grenzübergang)
Quite a few ascents and descents; a very diversified tour; you should be a fit walker. This tour takes you right across the Elbe sandstone mountains and gives a good overview of a landscape that continues in the Czech Republic’s Bohemian Switzerland. If you like to walk long distances, this part – taken in two stages – should not be too difficult. 

Themed walking trails 

  • Caspar-David-Friedrich-Way
    The famous painter of early romanticism, Caspar-David-Friedrich, lived in Dresden from 1789 until his death in 1840. He walked several paths through Saxon Switzerland and kept a diary with drawings of his treks along what we know today as the “Painter’s Way”. The 11 information boards along the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Way show you the exact points at which he stood and sketched.
    The trail is 14 km long and finishes in the village of Krippen. It also takes you past the hill’s called “Emperor’s Crown” and “Wolf’s Mount”.
  • Sun Dial Way
    Walking trail through Krippen with its 23 individually designed sun-dials. Take your time when the sun is out to discover Krippen’s pride: 23 sun-dials which incorporate local objects, materials, themes, events and even personalities. 
    Each clock has its own identity. The walk starts and ends at Krippen market square. Follow the logo and it will lead you from clock to clock. If you need a break, there are several pubs along the way.
  • Lynx Path
    This nature trail teaches you about the characteristics and habitat of this shy wild cat. Follow the paving stones with a lynx’s paw print on them through the town centre of Bad Schandau, which leads you from the National Park Centre to the lynx enclosure. You will learn interesting facts along the way, might be lucky enough to spot a lynx through binoculars or compare your longjump-abilities with those of the lynx and other wild animals. 
  • Rafters’ Track
    …starts in Bad Schandau and runs along the Kirnitzsch Stream up to Neumann’s mill. Several information boards describe the history of local rafters, geology and natural history. 
  • Panorama Way
  • This fantastic walking trail leads you from Saupsdorf to Bad Schandau. There is no other path with more panoramic views in Saxon Switzerland. All along the way there are stunning views over the surrounding countryside. Further more, there are picnic areas and resting points. Be prepared to experience the region at its best. A trail, of which even regular Elbe sandstone walkers never tire of. www.oberelbe.de/panoramaweg
  • Flood Way
    Rivers are our life support. Back in the 13th Century, Slavic and Frankish settlers chose the banks of the river and put up with the regular risk of flooding. After the tremendous floods of 2002, the Flood Way was founded: it explains, in 17 stages along the way. how floods have affected the area throughout history.