Our team

Team des Tourist-Service


Quality is our promise

  1. We are at your service and it prides us to see our customers happy and able to appreciate our work.
  2. Our business and service centres are well-maintained and welcoming. 
  3. We want to treat our customers in friendly fashion, with courtesy and in compliance with our code of conduct. 
  4. We listen to the needs and requirements of our customers. 
  5. Our performance will be reliable, timely and adhere to our quality standards. 
  6. We believe that success lies in maintaining good quality service and adhering to the requirements set out for our service.
  7. We try to supply our customers with the most up-to-date, correct and necessary information and advertising of our services. 
  8. A complaint should be seen as a way of enhancing our service. Praise will confirm our efforts and motivate us. 
  9. We ask our customers whether they are happy with our services. 
  10. We run regular checks on safety measures, our delivery and our facilities.