Yoga and climbing

One of the most important benefits of yoga is the relaxation of body and soul, to highten awareness, concentration, mental balance, coordination and to strengthen your muscles in general. All of which makes yoga a perfect preparation for climbing. 

We offer you a morning session of Hatha-Yoga in the open air, with stretching, warm up, breathing and balance exercises. That will get you in the right shape to conquer the summit.

Package includes:

  • Yoga teacher
  • Climbing guide
  • Equipment

Rates: 75,00 EUR per person
minimum participants: 2


  • Introduction to the program (aims, fitness of participants)
  • Important advice
  • Open air Hatha-yoga 
  • Preparation for free climb (distribution of equipment, explanation of how to use it)
  • Arrival at climbing spot – general introduction to the region, its geology, nature conservation and local history)
  • Explanation of safety measures, how to tie knots etc,.
  • Climb the summit – secured by rope 
  • Team-building exercises 
  • Return home, brief meeting and reflection on the day
  • Booking code: K 05
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